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Baileys Grasshopper

This Baileys Grasshopper is a perfect alternative to all the green beer and Guinness you’ll likely be consuming for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a perfect drink for dessert that’s light and refreshing.

Mint Hot Toddy

This Mint Hot Toddy is the easiest drink to make to keep cozy on a cold day. The addition of the mint helps with sore throats or stuffy noses so it’s also great for when you have a cold!

Spiced Cranberry Cider Mimosas + Giveaway

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is getting to spend time with friends and family in such a festive way. These Spiced Cranberry Cider Mimosas are the perfect thing to bring to make the festivities even better. They’re super easy to throw together, but that’s not something your guests need to know! I’m …

Cantaloupe Basil Coolers

You guys. This Canteloupe Basil Cooler is like summer in a drink. It combines two of my favorite things of summer into a super refreshing drink. The basil infused vodka is such a good way to use extra basil that you might have!

Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer

How is it already the last few days of 2016!? I feel like this year simultaneously dragged on and flew by at the same time. I for one and so ready to bring in the new year and get a fresh start. This Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer is the perfect way to bring in the new …

Hazelnut Mocha

If you’re looking for a great drink to warm up these chilly nights, be sure to try this Hazelnut Mocha! It’s got all of my favorite things in it so I can vouch that I’m obsessed. Personally I don’t think you can ever go wrong with hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, or any combination of those so …

White Chocolate Pumpkin Martini

Can someone tell me how it’s November already? I feel like October flew by and I absolutely have not had enough pumpkin things yet. I decided to change that with this White Chocolate Pumpkin Martini! It’s the perfect infusion of pumpkin spices to bring you all of the warming flavors which is also perfect for …

Summer Sangria

Woah guys. Sorry about that post hiatus. I think I’ve been slowly melting over here with this ridiculous heat so making food sounds awful at all times. I’ve combated the heat with making a ridiculous number of different types of cocktails including this go-to Summer Sangria. Just pick up a ton of fruit from the …

Cucumber Moscow Mule

I’m so excited about this post for this delicious Cucumber Moscow Mule. It’s delicious. Think super summery and refreshing thoughts for these terribly hot summer days.

Coconut Mimosa

I’ve been on a drink kick recently because it’s been so hot out that making food and even eating sounds so unappealing. These Coconut Mimosas have been the perfect trick to beat the heat and have something refreshing! I’ll be honest and say that I’m not the biggest coconut water fan, but as soon as you combine …