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Hi! I’m Sam and I like everything about food. I grew up obsessed with the idea of becoming an engineer and doing something awesome like designing roller coasters.

That dream was dashed once I realized I didn’t like physics. I still graduated as an Industrial Engineer, but halfway through my junior year I realized that I would love to do something with food. The next week I picked up a Food Science and Technology minor and spent an extra year at Virginia Tech pursuing this new dream that I had. I worked at the study abroad office while in school for three years and grew this list of countries I want to visit someday. Hearing stories of new places, foods, and seeing the pictures was part of the inspiration for my blog.

I knew I didn’t have money to travel all these places, but I could experience part of the culture if I tried their food. The Culinary Compass was born from an idea I had while it was 3:00 am and I was watching soda bottles fly by my head at the production facility I worked at. I knew I wanted to work with food, but where I was wasn’t the dream I was thinking of. I wanted to be hands on, developing recipes, and sharing those with friends, family, or whoever wanted to read them.

So here it is! My little corner of the internet where I get to mix my inspirations from other cultures and food science together. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to reach out on the Contact page if you have any comments, questions, or just want to chat! Thanks for reading!


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