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Check out some of these great recipes! You’ll find great options for Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Appetizers, Brunch, Drinks, and Desserts!

Entree Recipes

Enjoy some of these main entree dishes any day of the week! You'll find anything from 30 minutes meals, sheet pan dinners, to date night meals!

Side Dish Recipes

These side dish recipes are perfect for anytime! You'll find vegetarian and veggie forward dishes to nice and decadent fall side dishes and everything in between.

Appetizer Recipes

These Appetizers will be perfect for game day or just as a pre-meal snack. Enjoy them with friends, or as a meal on their own!

Brunch Recipes

Enjoy these brunch recipes anytime! They're perfect for sharing a holiday, or just to have a lazy Sunday.

Dessert Recipes

These Dessert Recipes are perfect for whenever your sweet tooth hits! Check out these fruity or chocolatey options to see which you'd like to enjoy!

Drink Recipes

These cocktails will surely be a crowd-pleaser! Check out the options for fruity cocktails, easy pitcher drinks, or just something to celebrate 5 PM.