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75+ Pecan Dessert Recipes

Pecan desserts can be enjoyed all year round. The nutty flavor of pecans pairs well with a variety of sweet flavors, making them a versatile ingredient in a range of dessert recipes.

Try out one of over 75 recipes that include pecans! We’ve got everything from pecans paired with chocolate, pecan pie inspired desserts, pecan recipes that will be great for your cookie exchange, pumpkin and pecan recipes, vegan pecan desserts, and fruit paired with pecan desserts!


These are just a few of my personal favorite pecan desserts!

Pair with Chocolate

Chocolate pecan desserts are great for year-round!

Pecan Pie Inspired

Who said there's only one right way to eat Pecan Pie?

Perfect for the Cookie Exchange!

Pecan cookies are always a hit at the holidays - try one of these recipes for your next cookie swap!

Cakes with Pecans

More in the mood for cake? Got you covered!

Vegan Options!

We've got a few vegan-friendly pecan desserts, too!

Pumpkin Recipes

It's hard to beat the pumpkin and pecan pairing for the fall!

Paired with Fruit

Pecans and fruit make for a delicious combination!


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