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This Fall Veggie Pizza is packed with warm fall flavors and is so easy to make!

Fall Veggie Pizza

This Fall Veggie Pizza is probably my new favorite dish for the fall! It’s packed with all sorts of flavors that make it unlike anything you’ve ever had before. The combination of fall veggies and variety of toppings give it such a kick. I’m excited to have teamed up with the Sunday Supper Movement for this …

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This Breakfast Veggie Bowl is quick, hearty, and so easy to make your own!

Breakfast Veggie Bowl

I am obsessed with this Breakfast Veggie Bowl. It’s got this awesome earthy flavor from the sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, and leeks combined with the lentils and herbs that layer the flavors even more. There are so many veggies that you can replace the zucchini, leeks, and mushrooms with to make it your own. The great …

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Pork Ramen

Living in a small town doesn’t bode well when you’re craving something like ramen. Usually I’d end up making Chicken flavored Top Ramen and hope that one day a ramen place would open up around here. Then I took it into my own hands. I was going to attempt an authentic ramen. I did a …

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